» IMATS 2012 Wrap up!

Well, IMATS Sydney 2012 is over for another year. What a crazy weekend it was!

I decided that I wasn’t going to go mental at the show this year. Last year I spent a lot, this year – I took more than I was willing to even spend. I didn’t want to get into buying lots of makeup when I already had a tonne of it still left over from last year. If there was anything on my mind to purchase, it was going to be makeup brushes. Loads and loads of brushes. Brushes and the need to mett with other beauty bloggers and YouTubers.

Let me just say that I was a little disappointed in this year’s IMATS. I’ve been two years previous and compared to them, this year was only 1/3rd of the size.
There were a lot of brands that were listed as exhibitors but weren’t there, which was disappointing. But I did enjoy myself at the show this year and hope that it’s bigger and better next year!

Here is my rather tame IMATS haul for 2012…


» Sydney IMATS 2012 – TAG!

So… I kind of stole this from someone’s blog and I apologise in advance for not linking you back but I always have too many tabs open and I lose track.
But it shouldn’t be too much of a big deal because this tag is floating around.

Here is my Sydney IMATS Q & A for 2012.

PS. Never been to IMATS before? Here is my complete guide to surviving IMATS.

Have you been to IMATS before?
Yes! This will be my third year, my second as a beauty blogger.

What day are you going to IMATS in Sydney?
I want to catch some of the stage shows and also meet other beauty bloggers and YouTubers and hopefully some readers as well.

Who are you going with?
Unsure just yet. I went alone last year and met so many people that I was never alone for too long.

Is there anyone you want to meet at IMATS?
Where do I even begin?! I’d love to catch up with people I met last year: Katiie Khaos, Little Camo and Tamieka. I also want to catch up with Nubile Nate again. I’d also love to meet Violet LeBeaux and Miss Pixi Lulu, whom I haven’t met yet. Also, anyone who follows me on Twitter. Please come say hello!

What makeup brand/exhibit are you most excited to see?
Crown Brush! If they’re going again this year. Although I love all the other brands, I can also make it into one of their stores at any time. This year, I’m all about brushes.

Do you plan to be there the whole day?
Yes, I was there last year from beginning to end. But I only went on Saturday.

What days will you be in Sydney?
I’m not sure just yet. Most people go on Saturday, but I might go both days this year just to catch all the stage shows.

What do you want to get out of IMATS?
I’m just really excited to meet other beauty bloggers, YouTubers and readers.

» IMATS Sydney: Survival Guide

This is based on my experience at IMATS, so don’t take this as gospel. Also every IMATS is different so some of this stuff might not even apply to your closest IMATS show, but its probably the best I’ve come up for the Sydney IMATS. Also, I spoke to a lot of girls at the show and I’ve collaborated some of what they’ve said.


» Sydney IMATS 2011 Show & Tell!

This year’s Sydney IMATS was a lot of fun! Not only did I meet some great girls, I bought a lot of stuff and came home with some change. So, I guess everyone is wondering what I bought.

Let me just start by saying I don’t like calling these kinds of posts “hauls”. I don’t know why, but it just sounds like I’m bragging and I surely don’t like to brag.
I bought a lot but I came home with some change.



» Sydney IMATS 2011

So another IMATS year had been and gone and let me tell you this year was a lot of fun! There was maybe three people that I sort of met (indirectly) that I didn’t like because they were either rude, unfriendly, unapproachable or full of themselves. (I think I only met one person who was all of the above).
But the whole day was a BLAST! I got to meet so many new people. I met Rosie and Cassie who are not only beautiful on YouTube, they’re actually beautiful in real life. I was really surprised how friendly everyone was.

I was really looking forward to meeting Steph but our paths just didn’t cross this year, which is sad. But we’ll keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter and text til next year.
Also BIG hello to Tamieka, who I met at the Inglot booth. Honestly one of the nicest chicks I met today.

If anyone was wondering where I got my makeup from, its from SleekMakeUp.COM. They weren’t at the show and I’m really surprised that maybe only two other people I met today knew of them. Get on them people. They are AMAZING!

The highlight of my day of definitely meeting PurseBuzz: