DEAR FRIDAY: I’m gonna give you some of my good time

Dear Joe
You are easily the kindest man I have ever met. You made my birthday wish come true (six weeks early) and I can’t WAIT to start this next decade with you. Thank you for all the laughs too. I love a man who can make me laugh.

Dear LC
So… plastic bags. I thought you were afraid of them, but here you were this week choosing the sleep on them all week. No idea where this sudden choice of bed came from. It’s weird, but if this is what you want, who am I to argue.

Dear Andre
You have been one very spoilt bird this week. Lots of freedom, lots of food you like to eat and of course, attention from EVERYONE!

Dear Sleep
I really missed you this week. I’m sorry I wasn’t around for you more, but hopefully it’ll be different next week.

Dear Honey in Tea
You are the best thing since slice bread. (And Joe.)

Dear Overseas Trip
For the next six weeks, I am a woman OBSESSED! Although it’s still early days, I’m glad I’ve got MOST of my things organised.

Dear Poptarts
So excited to see you’ve made a comeback to Coles. Hopefully people know how to eat you with your burning their mouths and ruin it over again.

Conversation in the supermarket

Reese: {Talking about pork for about 10 mintes}
Joe: Why are you talking about pork?! You don’t eat pork!
Reese: {stops} …I have no idea



I’ve always loved taking photos. When I was a teenager I would buy disposable cameras, my dad then bought me my very own digital camera, which then turned into bigger and better SLR cameras and somehow, just out of convenience, I downgraded to using camera phones and when Instagram was invented, of course it was all over from there.

But since technology took over the world, the old school photos still existed but didn’t really take any place in our homes in frames and albums, unless you made the effort to save photos onto USB, go to a print shop and then remember to pick them up later. Too much of a headache. But recently I found a company (via Instagram – who would have thought, aye) who will print your Instagram photos from your account and sent them to your home.

This company is called Printicular.


DEAR FRIDAY: This room makes me smile, but with butterflies

Dear Joe
I have never, and I mean – NEVER – been so in love with another human being before. Everything about you makes me happy and I love how you make me laugh hysterically for HOURS! I can’t wait til our holiday for my birthday. Once again, thank you for being mine. You really are the most amazing man I have ever had the privilege to know.

Dear LC
This week your dad said you were cute, trying to balance yourself whilst I was sleeping on your side. While I do see the cute side of it, it’s is really annoying sometimes. You know that none of your humans operate on the same hours you do, so give us a break!

Dear Andre
You have been a free bird all week! I’m glad you’re enjoying your freedom too.

Dear Sleep
We need to spend more time together.

Dear Birthday Destination
Less than six weeks til Joe and I fly over and have some fun with you. I can hardly wait too!

Dear Unoriginal Ex-Boyfriend
How embarrassing for you that you had to use the pet names we used to call each other, do the same things we used to do (ie. spend nights in hotels) and even have the nerve to use OUR song in your current relationship. How immensely pathetic of you. So your “cool” boyfriend tricks might impress a 23 year-old girl like a cat chasing a lazer light (but a cat is clearly smarter and eventually gives up after a while) but we all know that it won’t impress a real woman. It’s always going to be so satifying to know that your down grade will never on par with someone who did all these awesome things with you – 10 YEARS AGO.

Talking to a girlfriend about boys…

“Considerate boys don’t deserve girlfriends”


WINTER WONDERLAND: Babe Green Tea Body Scrub

Hello lovers! Welcome back to the Winter Wonderland series. I’m bringing you a body scrub, which is a little bit naughty but also SO good for you!

This week, say hello to Babe Green Tea Body Scrub.


DEAR FRIDAY: I’ve got so much honey, the bees envy me!

Dear Joe
My favourite part of this week has been meeting you at the front door. I love seeing your face light up when you see me, followed by your smile and then with a “Hello my gorgeous girl!” You make me feel so special and happy, I don’t know how I got so lucky sometimes.

Dear LC
So I found your baby blanket. Remember the blue one I took you home in from the shelter when you were only a few weeks old and weighed only 800g. It’s so beautiful to see you sleep with it in your cat bed. Which I’m also really happy that you’re sleeping in more often and leaving big bed to Joe and I.

Dear Andre
You have eaten your body weight PLUS MORE in pasta this week, little girl. I have never seen a bird carry on and throw such wild tantrums over wanting a piece of pasta. It’s been entertaining to see, but also frustrating because pasta shouldn’t be something you eat daily.

Dear Sinusitis
I’ve patiently waited three weeks for you to piss off, but here we are… you’re still around and I’m actually really over it. I want to be able to taste my food for a change and be able to breathe through my nose when I sleep. Hopefully there will be no reason to see an ENT specialist in a fortnight either.

Dear Skin
Thank you for being on your best behaviour this week. It’s been amazing!

Dear Life
I’ve had an amazing week, with the exception Thursday which I could have done without. But I’m thankful for them because I know it’s all worth it and people appreciate the effort I go through.

Dear Lemonade
We need to stop seeing each other. Seriously. We need to break up.

Dear Work Nick Name (Candy Yum Yum)
So, I’m stuck with you til the end of time. Not that I mind or the fact that someone like me fits the name to a tee. But having being called over the PA system by said nick name is almost embarrassing.

Dear Cluckiness
Can you PLEASE be a patient and wait another 18-24 months? Maybe THEN we can talk. Yes, I can hear my biological clock ticking, but I’m happy with Joe + Reese time for now.

Dear Nushi
Feel better soon wifey. Sending you all my love, hugs and postive vibes for a speedy recovery. x

Dear Lisa Mitchell
You ma home girl gurrrl. I’ve been obsessed with all your songs this week. Except ‘Coin Laundry’ that just stirs something fierce that I don’t like.

Dear NSW Blues
Eight LONG years boys and we finally got it back! Great game (except the final) Bring it back again next year.

Overhearing two workmates…

Workmate 1: I love how cake just appears out of nowhere and no one asks questions.
Workmate 2: Yeah, it could filled with poison and we wouldn’t care.


WINTER WONDERLAND: The Seventh Dutchess products

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to the Winter Wonderland series for 2014. We’re almost halfway through the series and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, but there are still SO much to show you!

Today I’m introducing you to some amazing teas from The Seventh Duchess.

I love my teas but unlike the one I brought to you earlier in this series, this one is pure luxury.


LIFE, ACCORDING TO REESE: {Confession} The biggest lie I’ve EVER told!

I’m not good at lying. I used to lie all the time in high school. But once I turned eighteen it was like I was all lied out and the truth just poured out of me without even thinking about it.
I have tried to lie a few times and I just can’t do it. So, I decided that if I was going to be a responisible adult, honesty was the best policy.

Early last year my ex and I broke up after ten years. He had started seeing a new girl (later I found out he was cheating on me with) and after he flew home after a short stint in Hong Kong, he came over to my apartment one Saturday morning to “talk”.
Just before he left I told him the biggest lie I have EVER told anyone!

Me: No one is going to love you as much as I do.
Him: I know…
Me: And this next girl is NEVER going to love you as much as me.
Him: I know!
Me: And I’m going to meet someone new and I will eventually fall in love with him, but I know I will never love him as much as you.

He then hugged me. Kissed me. And without looking back he walked out of my house forever.

It was then I felt that we were well and truly over. That kiss marked the end of a decade between him and I.

In retrospect, I didn’t realise I was lying. It’s actually taken me a year to realise that what I said to him wasn’t entirely the truth.

After my ex and I had the (ahem) encounter, I started seeing someone I knew through work (MASSIVE mistake, but I’ll save that for another post.) Shortly after that fizzled out, I met Joe.

I don’t think Joe and I knew what hit us when we met each other. I honestly thought it was just some small talk over cider and beers, but he has turned my entire world upside down for the better. I have never fallen in love so hard and so fast before and I never thought it was even possible to be happy every single day. But of course, my days didn’t have Joe in it before.

At the time we met, I had just gotten over probably the worst few months of my entire life. My self-esteem was the lowest it had ever been in over a decade, I had some physical issues, my heart had been broken and overall, I just wasn’t myself.

Neither of us knew at the time, but we were destined to start one amazing life together. But as the old saying goes, “It’ll happen when you least expect it.” And I am living proof that when you stop looking, the Universe will deliver and in the most abundant way.

After several months being with Joe, I’ve realised that my relationship with my ex was an absolute joke! I was miserable with him, he made me the worst version of myself, he wasn’t at all what you call “a man”, but simply male. He wasn’t a gentleman, he wasn’t romantic, he didn’t even care or act like a man should.
That’s when I realised I was never in love with him, nor did I even love him. How could you even love such an ill-mannered simpleton anyway?

Since meeting Joe, he’s made me understand what REAL love is and how you behave and interact with someone you’re actually in love with. Even as I type this post, I’m still learning what it’s like to be in an unconditional loving relationship.

It doesn’t happen with wining and dining, being showered with gifts or even by uttering those three little words. It starts off small: A kiss on the forehead first thing in the morning, a small compliment when you’re not feeling amazing or a short text to make you smile.

How did I know Joe was “The One”?

All the little things I liked in the guys I previously dated/liked (and there weren’t that many), is now wrapped up in the one man that is Joe. One would be really good at cooking, the other would be excellent with money and accounts, or traveled the world, or did house chores, or had impeccable manners, etc. All of that exists in my Joe.
The only good thing about my ex was that he wasn’t in the medical/health sector and works in the same industry as Joe. But he isn’t as nearly as warm, loving, handsome or wonderful than Joe is. If anything, they’re on opposite ends of the perfect spectrum. Joe has his flaws, but none of them are even remotely close to how disgraceful my ex is.

Although this post wasn’t intentionally to bash my ex, it was more of an appreciation and celebration of the wonderful relationship I DO have right now. I thank Joe everyday – usually in the form of a text – for being mine and being so good to me. My ONLY regret is that I just wish I had met him sooner.