WINTER WONDERLAND: Magazines that will inspire you

Here we are at the end of the Winter Wonderland series. Oh, what a trip it’s been. Thank you everyone for all your support on Instagram and retweeting the links on Twitter. It was truly one of the best accomplishments I’ve made as a blogger. Hopefully I’ll be back next year with another round of amazing things to share with everyone!

So, here we are with the final post in the Winter Wonderland series, three magazines they inspire me and hopefully does the same for you…



A lot of you may be wondering, since I’m enjoying my birthday abroad, What did I pack in my carry-on luggage?

I know what I’m like on flights, my skin gets really dehydrated and chapped. My hair and makeup I don’t really bother with too much because planes aren’t exactly the place to look glamourous. I just make sure I wash my hair the night before with hydrating shampoo and conditioner (my favourite is the Original Mineral Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo and Conditioner, $29.95 each 350mL) and then tie it up in a really high top-knot.

So, in flight I’m really focusing on my skin, making sure it’s hydrated at all times and when travelling into a warmer climate than the one I’m leaving, making sure I’m applying enough SPF.
Also, I am aware that some of these are very similar, but for those who don’t know me, I like to have options.

NOTE: I didn’t have these in my backpack when I actually checked in. These are products I carried with me ON and during our travels around.


DEAR FRIDAY: I got that boom boom that all the boys chase

Dear Joe
We have just over a week before we leave for our holiday destination. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to bring in my birthday with you.
Thank you for being mine. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for being so wonderful and loving me the way do.

Dear LC
So you developed a new habit when I’m sitting at the computer: biting my arm/neck when my lap is occupied with STUFF (this week it’s been beauty products). I find it horribly cute and of course, I can’t resist. I’m sorry that your favourite spot is being taken by things less important. I’ll try harder next time.

Dear Andre
Urgh, can I please just bring up the Indian food debacle of last weekend? Like, REALLY?! While you had your freedom, you were NOT allowed to be in the kitchen unsupervised. With good reason. Butter Chicken sauce + you = one stressed out mummy. While I hated trying to clean that sauce off you, it was for your own good. Might teach you a lesson. (Yeah OK, definitely not.)

Dear Time Off
Welcome! So good to meet you, finally. It’s been a long time coming and well deserved too. Let’s not stay away for another 18 months again. Maybe within the next twelve months?

Dear Mexican Party
How EXCITED am I about you this weekend. Um… more than the birthday girl, I think.

Dear Packing
Almost done. And I promise, I won’t speak of you again. Not until the next time I have to pack.

Dear Anxiety
Leave me alone! I don’t have time for you!

Dear Sinusitis
OK, you’ve hung around for long enough. I don’t wish to have you around while I’m on leave and especially when we’re overseas. Two courses of antibiotics is going to kick your butt this time!


Hi everyone! I can’t believe the Winter Wonderland series for 2014 is coming to an end this month, but I’m here with a few more things to love this Winter.

Today, say hello to a couple of Meiskin.


DEAR FRIDAY: You were the biggest let-down, the one who got the power just by being so weak

Dear Joe
This is the first weekend we’ve spent apart since we met and I won’t deny that I detest it. You know that I don’t rely on you to make me happy, but I love the person I am when you’re around. I love that our home is a crazy place where so much laughter and noise. The four of us under one roof really does feel like home. So… hurry home soon please. Your girls miss you! x

Dear LC
Your efforts to help me pack this week were really in vain. I often wish you weren’t such a brat sometimes.

Dear Andre
You’ve had so much freedom this week, in fact… I think too much freedom. You’ve gotten yourself into so much trouble this week. More than the average five year-old cockatiel, that’s for sure.

Dear Robin Williams
Learning of your death really stirred some raw emotions with me this week. It left a void and a genuine ache in my chest, so I can’t even imagine how this is affecting your immedicate family and friends.
As a child growing up in the 90′s, your movies were the ones that stood out the most: Hook, when I was going through the awkward phase of never wanting to grow up, Mrs Doubtfire which was released around the same time my parents were getting divorced, and my all-time favourite Jumanji, which was the coolest board game I could ever imagine playing.
Thank you for all the laughs you gave me as a child, in my teens and even as an adult with your amazing stand-up comedy. We never met and you don’t know I existed or even my name, but you gave my life so much joy and happiness from the gift of laughter. I don’t even think you even realised how amazing you really were Mr. Williams. RIP.

Dear Future Sister-In-Law
Thank you for the pep talk during the week on Facebook and saying all those nice things to me. I truly can’t wait to be your sister-in-law and an auntie to your little man when he arrives in November.
Joe and I will be down in a month for your baby shower. Hoorayyy!

Dear Sleep
Thanks to being sick and working late shifts all week, we haven’t spend much time together. Believe me, I miss you. We’ll spend lots of time together this weekend. I promise!

Dear Wonderland
I’m so glad you’re back on TV!

Making the fourth visit to the post office…

Reese: “Urgh! I didn’t bring my driver’s licence!”
Post Lady: “Oh Reese, as if I don’t know it’s YOU! I see you more often than my colleagues!”

WINTER WONDERLAND: Jar ‘Paris’ Body Scrub

Welcome back to the Winter Wonderland series. This week I’m introducing to you the last body scrub of the series, Jar ‘Paris’ Body Scrub.


DEAR FRIDAY: You’re the only one that I want

Dear Joe
Just when I thought I had you figured out, you surprise me once again! I love that you accept that fact that I don’t like surprises and give in and “ruin the surprise” anyway. Your predecessor struggled with that immensely. But we both (as well as the entire world) know you’re so much better than him.

Dear LC
This week you made two new friends, the electrician and my suitcase. Both are very interesting but I’m so confused as to why you think both are such a big deal.

Dear Andre
I formally pass on the crown to you this week. You are Queen of Atomic HQ.

Dear Last Month in my 20′s
While some people dread turning 30, I am embracing you. I didn’t hate my 20′s but in retrospect my 20′s was like my teens just with a driver’s licence and the freedom of not having to answer to my parents anymore. I’m going to make the most of my last month in my 20′s and do a lot of nice things for myself. Sound good?

Dear 30′s
I’m ready!

Dear Post Office
I’ve spent 3 of 5 working week standing in line waiting to pick up parcels of things I purchased and a few things PR have sent me. As much as it takes so much of time, it’s been an excellent week for mail.

Dear Short Working Week
Although my last 3-day weekend was only three weeks ago, I feel like it’s been forever.

Just discovering Reese cooked dinner…

Joe: [surprised] “Baby! I love you!”
Reese: “Do you?”
Joe: “…A little bit.”