After I wrote on my carry-on post I knew I was going to get asked about what I packed in my check-in luggage.

So let me start off with my actual suitcase: I purchased a 61L suitcase from Roxy Australia for $199.00. While I know it might sound excessive for a short trip, I wasn’t prepared to buy a smaller suitcase for the convienence of it. I knew this wasn’t going to be my last trip, so I figured – buy the larger suitcase so you don’t have to do it again next time. Also, I like suitcases you can find easily on the carousel and I know that Roxy, as well a lot of other surf brands have great designs and patterns on them.
The suitcase has heavy duty zippers, wheels, retractable handle, hard case shell – no pockets – and built-in combination locks that you can reset anytime. On its own, the suitcase weighs 3.8kg which I think is a good weight for a large suitcase.

I wanted to save space in my luggage because I knew I was going to do a lot of shopping overseas. I wanted to pack the basic necessities with me to get me through the trip.

Now, here are the things I packed for our trip…


DEAR FRIDAY: ‘Cause she’s a goddess, you never got this

Dear Joe
Thank you for such a beautiful birthday. I am SO lucky to have you!

Dear LC
After seeing many cats overseas – homeless, starving and unloved – I’ve come to realise just how spoiled you really are! You have lots of food and fresh water everyday, cuddles and a warm bed to sleep on 24/7. I wish you knew just how lucky you really are!

Dear Andre
You’ve been a very angry bird since we got home. Even when I try and spoil you with affection but you’re just not having any part of it. OK, I get it. We’re in the bad books til you say so.

Dear First Week In My 30′s
It’s been an amazing start so far. I have never been so happy!

Dear Monroe
I missed driving you! So glad to be home and driving you all over Sydney again.

Dear Work
First week back and I’m already missing my holiday. Take me back!

Waking Joe up REALLY early in the morning…

Joe: [ANGRY]
Reese: “Wake up baby…”
Reese: “About what…?”
Joe: “Goodberry’s” (Fro Yo place in Canberra)

SHOPAHOLIC: Pre-vacay problems

I was made fun of recently by a couple of workmates, when I showed up with six brand new cotton t-shirts.

Workmate 1: “Why did you buy new t-shirts when you’re going away?”
Workmate 2: “Yeah, you’re supposed to buy stuff over there. It’s going to be so much cheaper!”

OK. Rookie mistake, but I felt my purchases where justified.

These t-shirts were really basic; whilst fashionable, they didn’t sport any slogans on them, wasn’t made of any fancy material and I got them on sale.

Packing of any sort isn’t my forte. It never has. I absolutely suck at packing a house, for a weekend away and you can absolutely forget it when it means I have to pack an overnight bag anywhere. I’ve ALWAYS forgotten something, whether it be my toothbrush, a shirt to wear the following day or a pair of socks. And when I moved to Atomic HQ 18 months ago, I misplaced the cable that powered my TV so my TV was a complete write-off. (And no, I couldn’t find a replacement, either.) So, as you can tell I don’t think I have ever successfully packed for anything! But I made sure when I was packing for our trip overseas, I was going to get it done well in advance and no matter who made fun of me.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end with t-shirts. I was conflicted with should I bring a body wash or a soap. Should I pack a body lotion with a pump or should I just bring body butter.

While I know most of these have easy answers I didn’t want to go overboard. We weren’t going away for a very long time and it wasn’t like I couldn’t buy body wash or soap or lotion or body butter there. Still, I didn’t want to be standing in our resort thinking, “Shit. I need my… [insert missing item here]” And for someone like me who make a conscious decision to buy only cruelty-free products, when in a foreign country how do I know that what I’m purchasing is not tested on animals? I don’t. So, I just avoid buying extra products at all costs, unless I know they’re cruelty-free.

How do you solve YOUR pre-vacation dilemmas?

Life, According to Reese: Cheers dad!

Dear Pops,

Every year when I mention my birthday is around Father’s Day someone always says, “Oh, you were a nice gift for him then.” But I think they’re wrong. I was the lucky one to share my birthday with Daddy Day.

There is no doubt that you’re my favourite parent, the best person to contact in case of an emergency, the one I call for all of life’s debacles and every single time you have never failed me. Maybe that’s what parents are meant to do, but no words can even express how much I admire you and how much you’re just the coolest Dad in the entire world!

From teaching me how to write, to ride by first bike and eventually how to drive. You’ve supported my move to Melbourne in 2009, even though you didn’t think it was a good idea to begin with. You’ve helped me move – several times – throughout the years, knowing all to well that it isn’t my fortรฉ. You’ve given good advice and spoken your peace when it comes to a stupid and worthless ex of mine. You’ve given me countless laughs and boundless love that can only be shared between a daughter and a father.

From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU – for being my Father. I know that a lot of girls say this to their dads, but you really are the most amazing Father in the entire world! Thank you for all your dad jokes and just being the coolest dad there is.


Dad and I (circa 1986) my 2nd birthday

DEAR FRIDAY: Gonna hold ya, gonna kiss ya in my arms {Vacay edition}

Dear Joe
Thank you for taking me overseas for my birthday and taking me out on my big birthday adventure. You are the BEST boyfriend I ever had and you continuously surprise me with how wonderful you really are. Thank you for being my best friend and loving me wholeheartedly. I love you more than words can ever state. x

Dear LC + Andre
I miss you girls and I hope you’re behaving yourselves with Aunt V while we’re away.
PS. Daddy misses you both too. He’s just enjoying himself far too much.

Dear Australia
When I left I was in my 20′s. When I come back I’ll be in my 30′s. No offence, but changing over to the next decade just wouldn’t have worked while we were home. No hard feelings. I do miss you though.

Dear 20′s
So I’ve come to the conclusion that you really weren’t THAT awesome. Yes, being in your 20′s is exciting, but in retrospect, you were just a decade very similar to my teens, just with a driver’s licence and the freedom and privileges that a so-called “adult” was given but entirely entitled to.

Dear 30′s
While some people may moan and groan about “being 30″, I welcome you with open arms. I am absolutely ECSTATIC about finally meeting you and waking up to you every morning. I’m excited for the next decade; marriage, a mortgage, babies and more travel.


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to introduce you to a very different and exciting new subscription box. I’m ecstatic that I was given the privilege to sample the box before it launched and lucky for you, it how has officially launched for YOU to have in your home!

It’s no mystery that I love my flowers at Atomic HQ. If you’re a follower on Instagram you would have seen that I buy a big bunch of flowers on a weekly basis and have them by my bedside. It’s one of the most popular series of photos and I’m so glad that BLOOMBOX Co got in contact with me to try out one of their boxes for myself.

We all know how subscription boxes work: you are sent 5-6 samples per month for a certain price each month, which includes shipping. With BLOOMBOX Co, they operate in the same way – but with luscious fresh flowers. The great thing about BLOOMBOX Co is that you can schedule how often your box of florals arrive to your home – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

In each box you will receive 5-6 different variations of flowers, along with a leaflet on what the flowers are and what you can do with them. Included in the box you’ll also receive a few sachets of Floralife which you add to the water. Floralife will ensure your flowers last longer and get the most out of your flowers as possible. It’ll be worth checking out their website for handy tips on looking after your flowers once you have them.

Your flowers will come in a large styrofoam box with each flower wrapped individually in some water. I was quite lucky that all the flowers I received arrived undamaged, but I think that’s due to the fact that I didn’t leave them waiting at my doorstep for an extended period of time.
One of the first things I noticed when I opened the box was the fragrance that came out as the lid was lifted. It was overwhelming – in a very good way! It excites all your senses and I love when something as simple as flowers can do that to you.

Here are pictures of the flowers I received…

As you can see, the flower combinations are endless and the selection of flowers are beautiful! The thing I love the most about BLOOMBOX Co is they introduce you to many different flowers that you might not have seen before. I am a creature of habit, so although I buy flowers on a weekly basis I usually stick to what I know. With BLOOMBOX Co I’m exposed to many other flowers to purchase and have at Atomic HQ.

To subscribe, visit BLOOMBOXCo.com and sign up today. Boxes are $39.00AU which includes delivery. You can elect how often you receive your box too, so you can enjoy your flowers as often as you like.

EDITOR’S DESK: On vacay!

Hello lovely readers. REESE ATOMIC is three years old tomorrow. Can you believe it? Since we went live, we’ve grown immensely and we’ve built an amazing network of friends and followers on all platforms on social media; Facebook, Twitter and rapidly growing on Instagram. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed that I’ve managed to build such a great rapport with a lot of you. I can’t say THANK YOU enough for all your support and kind words over the years. It keeps me doing what I’m doing.

This September, I’m also celebrating a monumental birthday. I’m exiting my twenties and now (gracefully) diving head-first into my 30′s. While some people would feel disheartened by their “Dirty 30″, I am SO excited to be entering a new decade of my life.

So to celebrate, Joe and I are currently on a well deserved vacay overseas, where we will be sipping cocktails on a white sandy beach, wearing Havaianas everywhere and lapping it up in spas. (Jealous?)
I’m not gone for long and there will still be regular posts scheduled while I’m away, but just in case I’m not active on social media, I haven’t died – I’m just on vacay. Of course, when I can I’ll upload pics on to Instagram and will update everyone on Twitter as well, but the main objective is to really switch off from reality and enjoy our holiday.

If anyone is interested, I can do a post of what we did, what I packed and any tips I picked up along the way. Just let me know in the comments, I’d be more than happy to share. I will also do a post full of photos after we get back.

Thank you for all your support for the last three years. I am so grateful for everything that I’ve been exposed to in the Beauty Blogging Community. Here’s to another year.

Take care everyone!